Learn Graphic Facilitation

Clarity, involvement and effectiveness with Visual Facilitation

Learn how to design and facilitate effective meetings based on involvement and ownership. Visual facilitation and well prepared visual tools are key to high-engagement meetings

Learning how to do simple visualization

Our visual training courses offer a basic understanding of how to work visually. You can be a “visual crasher” or a “visual advancer” – doing our visual crash course or the 2-days advanced training course.

Visual facilitation offers you an opportunity to run meetings and workshops totally different from what your teams are used to. Most business meetings, conferences and kick-off´s are being overloaded with speakers and unreadable slides. People are inactive, doing their best to stay energized and concentrated.

You can change this

Learning simple visualisation equips you with simple but efficient tools that not just invite people into dialogue but also ensures documentation of valuable input. The participants feel engaged and you as a teamleader or internal consultant get so much real-time documentation to work with.

This is the most valuable teaching I have to offer

Learning how to design visual tools for engagement and dialogue makes meetings much more fun and much more efficient. It supports the process of allowing everyone to see and understand the flow of dialog, decisions and agreements.

The visual tools become a touchstone and reminder of the clarity, momentum and input generated in the meeting and it gives you a real-time documentation that, when worked through, serves as a base for memory, commitment and ownership.

Be a visual facilitator

Visual training can be offered as a one day crash course – even just half a day – or a two-day advanced course teaching you not just do simple visualization but also how to run meetings more efficiently based on visual tools.

Two days and ready to go

In our two days advanced course the focus is on the power of visual templates.

You will learn how to design processes based on visual templates. How to start with the end goal in mind and how to design a process reaching that goal.

Its all about preperation.

The advanced course is a step up from our visual crash course where you learn how to draw simple icons.

Visual Crash Course

In just one day – or even just half a day –  your entire team will learn simple visualisation and get some basic understanding of graphic facilitation.

It´s a very creative and energetic workshop that generally creates a brilliant atmosphere with a high learning curve.

The end result is the ability to draw simple icons and some basic understanding of how to use simple visualization.

These two courses, the crash course and the advanced course can be tailormade and blended according to your needs.

 A short overview of graphic facilitation

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