My world is visual / This is how I navigate

I just love turning complex and hard to read strategy-reports into strategy pictures covering the entire strategy. It fires me up to see our Visual Strategies on the walls, as booklets, posters and all kinds of exciting gimmicks. And it gives me such a good feeling when these visuals become a part of the organisational culture. People know where they are going, they feel involved and have a great sense of ownership. A culture based on strong visual metaphors has communicative advantages as pictures are universal.

We did it

Apart from the visual language I have a strong passion for involvement, ownership and the feeling of belonging. I believe that the three words: “We did it”, are key for success. When we create Visual Strategies together the general feeling of the organisation will be “we did it”.  Everyone is on the same track. Ownership is high and motivation even higher.


Back in the the beginning of this millennium I was engaged in The Kaospilots and their consultancy company KaosManagement where I was assigned the wonderful task to implement the Visuel Management Thinking from the Grove Consultants, Int., SanFransisco.

That was my first – and definitely not my last step – into the world of Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. A way of running processes, projects, meetings, anything where people gather to create together. And out of this I created the concept of Visual Metaphorical Strategy Pictures. I have facilitated so many interesting processes since then, with great visual results.

Right down my alley

As I did have a background in the creative worlds – theatre, music, performance and art, it was an amazing experience for me that even the corporate world could benefit from this kind of thinking. At the Grove Consultants I got the feedback: You are a Natural-born Talent. Wuhuu isn’t that just what we wanna hear.

Translating complex matters into simple visual tools or metaphorical pictures is somehow easy for me as I have a natural tendency to “see” complex matters as simple visual overwievs. Maybe not a at first sight, but when I listen deeply to my customers, my intuition comes up with something that is normally approached as 80% percent correct – and that is a good start for a project. I listen, make visual notes and I feed it back. From here we can co-create everything from process tools, creative and informative posters and even complex strategies.

I have a dream


Your entire company is at a great seminar. The music is perfect, everyone is excited. They put on their RV glasses – and – there they experience the new strategy. The entire strategy and all the very important parts of it. Every little detail. So real. So fascinating. Sensations, smell, sound, vibration – everything that makes the new strategy more real than ever.

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