A visual strategy motivates

A visual strategy is a compelling strategy.  It´s an easy to understand, easy to operate strategy.

It`s a great challenge to communicate a strategy successfully throughout an entire organisation and to ensure ownership and high motivation. A compelling visual metaphor and a strong narrative is one of the great building blocks in building a strong culture with a clear direction.

What do we do?
Why do we do it?
What it looks like?

Making a visual strategy offers you answers to these essential questions above. Roles and goals become clear. People are well orientated. The vision, mission and the strategic focus areas are “drawn out”.

A Visual Strategy is a living strategy. It gives a clear sense of direction, it creates high motivation, dedication, and ambition.

To support you in communicating the strategy and getting everyone on board, we have designed an excellent strategy set-up as we know how challenging it can be to carry out the strategy.

We have designed an efficient process with an appealing visual strategy as an end result.

For you

A visual strategy will be set up in a delicate strategy report giving voice to the bigger picture and the important details of the strategy. Maybe even in click-able version.

We offer you a product and a process facilitated in a structured and creative way, as we have a high range of competences. Take a deeper look at our co-working space ROUGH DIAMOND

It’s a challenge to create a living strategy, a strategy that is implemented all through the organization. Communicated so clearly it has a magnetic effect on all employees:

  • A strategy that is clear and worked through by management
  • A systemic overview represented in a well designed and well-structured strategy report
  • A strong visual metaphor collecting the entire strategy into one picture and an appealing narrative

This is how it is done

  • Facilitated meetings on development and structure of the strategy
  • Facilitated meetings unfolding the visual metaphor
  • Choice of visual language matching your design manual
  • All collected in a delicate strategy report
  • Kick-off, presenting the strategy

Exactly what we can do

Finn Kollerup is a master of a high complexity and systemic innovation. Through facilitated meetings, an innovative, ambitious and navigable strategy is developed. A strategy that is not just easy but also much fun to communicate.

Charlotte Rosenberg converts your entire strategy into one visual metaphor. A metaphor that gives a clear and bigger picture of all the essential parts of the strategy. A strong narrative of “who we are”, “what we do” and “WHY we do it”. Charlotte is your personal facilitator on the way to your Visual Strategy Picture and metaphor.

Just take a small bite

Visual strategies can be scaled up and scaled down easily. Maybe you just need a strong visual narrative, a different and creative kick-off presenting the strategy in an appealing way, support in structuring the strategy parts,  scientific strategy posters or something totally different based on our competences.

We are always at your service wherever you are in the process of making a clear visual strategy.

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